Rx.Observable.prototype.delaySubscription(dueTime, [scheduler])

Time shifts the observable sequence by delaying the subscription with the specified relative time duration, using the specified scheduler to run timers.

This operator is more efficient than delay but postpones all side-effects of subscription and affects error propagation timing.

The side-effects of subscribing to the source sequence will be run on the specified scheduler. Observer callbacks will not be affected.


  1. dueTime (Number | Date): Relative (Number) or Absolute (Date) time shift of the subscription.
  2. [scheduler] (Scheduler): Scheduler to run the subscription delay timer on. If not specified, the default scheduler is used.


(Observable): Time-shifted sequence.


var start = Date.now()

var source = Rx.Observable
  .range(0, 3)

var subscription = source.subscribe(
  function (x) {
    console.log('Next: %s, %s', x, Date.now() - start);
  function (err) {
    console.log('Error: %s', err);
  function () {

//=> Next: 0, 5001
//=> Next: 1, 5002
//=> Next: 2, 5003
//=> Completed